Vadim Andreev started his career as a make-up artist when he was a teenager. He created looks for his models while taking part in amateur photo shoots.

2001 – Vadim Andreev graduates from the Lenfilm Film Studio’s School for Stylists and receives a basic medical education diploma in cosmetology.

2005-2007 – Vadim Andreev is the chief make-up artist for Rasputin House, a de luxe beauty salon.

2005-2007 – Vadim Andreev is a make-up teacher for Rasputin House, a hairdressing art school.

2007-2008 – Vadim Andreev is employed as the leading make-up artist with L’Oreal Paris Make-Up Studio.

2008 – Vadim Andreev works as a make-up artist for the TKT TV station.

Vadim Andreev took part in shooting commercials for such brands as Megafon, Converse, «Russian Precious Stones», «Juvelirtorg», Coffeeshop Company,  Mehovoy Ray, EDMIand InTrans as a make-up artist. He cooperates with magazines Ya Pokupayu, Women Saint Petersburg, СТО, HAIR’S, InterBusiness, and Daily Mail as well as model agencies Lukovsky Model Agency, Status and Noah Models. Vadim Andreev takes part in the Nevskie Berega Beauty Expo and NICE Ideal Beauty Exhibition. He also participated in an Italian fashion show in Moscow, KinoStar City Theater opening ceremony and GlobalGathering Music Festival.

Today Vadim Andreev cooperates with leading Russian and Ukrainian photographers, model agencies, magazines and TV projects.

Vadim Andreev conducts make-up workshops and master classes in Russia, Ukraine, France, Malta, USA, Israel, Kazakhstan, Greece. The subjects of his seminars include wedding, casual and party make-up, Smoky Eyes make-up technique, make-up for adults, Modern Women’s Time Machine, secrets of Hollywood make-up, fashion make-up, Color in Make-up, Decorative Make-up Tools for Flawless Make-up: Features and How to Use It, and Casual (Natural-Looking) Make-up: Professional Techniques You Are Not Aware Of.

Vadim Andreev works with theater and film stars and Russian showbiz celebrities such as: Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Natalia Koroleva, Фёкла Толстая, Dmitry Dyuzev, Athena, Sergey Glushko (Tarzan), Ivan Okhlobystin, Larisa Baranova, Маша Абрикосова, Алексей Климушкин, Вадим Демчог, Joseph Kobzon, Kristina Asmus, Victor Loginov, Anna Khilkevich и Родион Галюченко, Anna Nova, Arina Sharapova, group «BlueTooZ», Olga Zarubina, Larisa Verbitskaya, Michael Bublik, Yuri Antonov, Svetlana Permyakova, Natali, Lolita Milyavskaya.